May 9, 2016 Means launches Lakeside Marina website

Means launched a new website for Lakeside Marina this week. The responsive site is designed to feature their pontoon, ski boat and jetski rentals.The home page also features an Instagram interface to keep new photos on the home page and photography to focus on the Lakeside team.


Since 2003 Lakeside Marina has been proudly serving Lake Martin, AL. Originally, owner Donnie McDaniel’s vision for Lakeside Marina was to only sell boats. As Lake Martin, AL continued to grow as one of the south’s more popular vacation destinations, the demand for watercraft activities began to grow and so did Donnie McDaniel’s vision. With the help of Brenda Ryals, Donnie McDaniel began to expand the business to what it is now by offering much more than just boats sales.

Check out Lakeside Marina here.