May 14, 2014 Means and Recycling Industry Partner in Support of Ramase Lajan

Means Advertising is proud to partner with leaders in the recycling industry to support Ramase Lajan.

It is a unique oppportunity to support this wonderful cause by providing layout and design services to the project. Means Advertising was introduced to the program through US Shredder's Bill Tigner and we are proud to lend our support to Bill and his efforts with Ramase Lajan. A full page ad, designed by Means Advertising will appear in the June issue of Recycling Today to promote the initiative which is sponsored by US Shredder, Recyclng Today, Executives without Borders, Haiti Recycling, A Fine Solutions, Steinert and Means Advertising.

In the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a non-profit organization named Executives Without Borders began a program called Ramase Lajan, which translated from creole means ”Picking up money.” In Haiti, discarded plastic containers are everywhere. They fill the streets and clog the streams and canals. During heavy rains, the plastic containers often cause the streams and canals to overflow sending bacteria and cholera
infected water into homes and communities.

Ramase Lajan is a program built from the relationships of companies and nonprofit organizations to create local recycling centers across Haiti. It does not only improve public heath but also creates much needed jobs.

How it works: sponsors buy a “recycling center” and donate it to an organization to operate. Haitians collect plastic and sell it to a Ramase Lajan center at a fair market price. The center sorts the plastic which is sent to ISRI and BIR member “Haiti Recycling” for processing. Haiti Recycling ensures a market for the plastic
thus sustaining a self-sustaining local industry.

Through the oversight of Executives Without Borders, many of us in the Recycling Industry are coming together to sponsor more recycling centers. Our goal is to sponsor four centers in 2014.
Please contact us to find out how you or your company can join us. 

For more information; please contact Bill Tigner - and watch the video here.