Nov 26, 2010 Community Kitchens Selects Means to Donate Holiday Card Layout

Means Advertising is proud to be selected to produce the 2010 Community Kitchens Holiday card. The card which uses an illustration from Fotosearch will be used throughout the 2010 holiday season.

Community Kitchens of Birmingham is a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding anyone who is hungry.

Since 1980, Community Kitchens has served the hungry, homeless and working poor without regard to situation or condition. Those who are in need of a warm and nutritious meal will find our doors open 365 days a year.

It is hard to imagine that there are people in Birmingham who go hungry each day. A recent survey of Jefferson County reported that there are 80,000 families who are unsure of where their next meal will come from. In addition there are 3,000 people each week who sleep on the streets of Birmingham.

Community Kitchens provides a much needed service to those who are hungry by serving over 95,000 meals annually at our two locations. These meals help nourish the body and spirit of those in need.

The Community Kitchens
1024 South 12th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35205